February 2015 - #keepcalmandtravelOM

#keepcalmandtravelOM A 28-day yoga challenge geared towards the wanderlusting yogi… 

Regardless of how many times you travel throughout the year - internationally or in your own backyard, in your daydreams or on the daily - this #yogachallenge will inspire and encourage you to find new ways to bring your yoga with you wherever you go! 


  1. Follow hosts, sponsors + @circ.om.navigate 
  2. Check in with @circ.om.navigate every day through February to see the required posture + it's benefits to the travelling yogi 
  3. Share a photo of you doing the required posture each day (make sure to hashtag #keepcalmandtravelOM so we see your entry!) 

Make sure to take ANY modifications you need - props and variations will be provided! However, if you're ever in doubt: drop us a comment on our post and someone will gladly help!

Photos from home are [of course] accepted as are "old" photos if you'd like to keep with the travel-theme!

There will be MULTIPLE WINNERS for this comp! **See list of sponsors below**