Week 8 - @itsyogagirl

I've been wowed daily by the simple, yet high quality photographs taken by miss Genevieve Nguyen over the past few months! Set against that concrete background of what I can only assume to be the wall of her garage, she takes photographs from fantastic angles showcasing some equally on-point outfits :) I was so excited to come across her winning shot of one very precarious chinstand on a skateboard - so funny, this is the second YOTW winner to be snapped on a skateboard (check out week 2's @Streetheartyoga busting out Eka Pada Koundinyasana!) Read on to learn about this 34 year old mumma/nurse/aspiring yogini!

Here's that chinstand!

Here's that chinstand!

"I am 34 years old with an awesome 5 year old son who keeps me grounded and focused. I am a Labor and Delivery nurse and absolutely love my job.

I discovered yoga almost a year and half ago and it just changed my life. It made realize that I was not happy and or satisfied with my current situation. I got more involved with the yoga community which made me make changes in my life. I slowly then felt more happy, free, calm and just wanted to learn so much about myself spiritually and of course physically! (yoga perk)

I feel stronger with who I am and am able to have confidence to be myself.  I started talking about my yoga journey to encourage others to try it, it makes me feel so excited and inspired to be able to inspire others as well.

My next step in the near future is to get my yoga teaching certification.

Here is one of my favorite quotes that sums up how I feel about my yoga journey..... "

"Yoga is the journey of the self through the self to the self" -The Bhagavad Gita"

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Week 7 - @Braganivea

The beautiful Nivea has wowed us from the day we first set eyes on her! Watching her fitness journey over the past few months has been so enjoyable... Most of the photos she sends us are set against the beautiful backdrop of Brazil's many beaches, however her winning shot was a simple hip-opening pose taken at just the right angle. Read on to learn more about this mama of 2 - in both English & Portuguese :)

"I am 33 years old, married, two children (13 and 11 years), I graduated in Marketing andManagement, attending another college of physiotherapy, Owning partner of a Pilates Fit Studio offering Pilates, Physiotherapy and RPG." 

Six months ago, I discovered yoga. I am not a teacher and practitioner yet. When I started, I unwittingly discovered how amazing it was because you start to develop an internal dialogue with "I". 


I began to listen more, understand my limitations, needs, without judging or charge. I was calmer and began to appreciate more my welfare by policing my stress. Of all this, what I find most fascinating is that this awakening, awareness about you and your relationship with life, is something spontaneous, without a daily mental training, recipes, routings, which demotivate those who have a more agitated personality practice . 

Yoga was the best way I found to get to know me and recognize others, respect the right to equality and diversity for all.  Advise fondly practice. "

"Tenho 33 anos , casada ,dois filhos ( 13 e 11 anos ), sou formada em Marketing e Administração, cursando mais uma faculdade de fisioterapia, sócia proprietária do Pilates Fit  "studio de Pilates, Fisioterapia e RPG".
À 6 meses descobri o Yoga, não sou professora e sim praticante.
Desde que iniciei , tive descobertas incríveis pois involuntariamente você passa a desenvolver um diálogo interno com o seu “eu”.
Comecei a me escutar mais, perceber meus limites, necessidades, sem julgar ou cobrar.
Fiquei mais serena e passei a valorizar mais o meu bem estar policiar meu stress.
De tudo isso o que eu acho mais fascinante é que este despertar , a consciência sobre você e sua relação com a vida, é algo expontâneo, sem um treinamento mental diário, receitas, roteiros, que acabam desmotivando quem tem uma personalidade mais agitada, prática.
A yoga foi o melhor meio que encontrei para me conhecer e reconhecer o outro, respeitar a diversidade e direito de igualdade á todos.
Aconselho com carinho a prática."

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Week 6 - @allycat_06 + @yogaweirdo

This week two beautiful yoginis tied with the same amount of votes for Yogi Of The Week! Funnily enough, both ladies sported inversions on the beach in their photos (even facing the same direction!!) Read on to learn more about these two lovely ladies, as they share a bit about their yoga journeys + their take on Yoga+Travel!

Elena Reccagni (@yogaweirdo) took her winning shot while on vacation in Thailand!

Elena Reccagni (@yogaweirdo) took her winning shot while on vacation in Thailand!

Elena Reccagni (@yogaweirdo)

I am happy to share this win with another yogi, @allycat_06, she is beautiful and her practice is amazing.

And this is what yoga is about to me, yoga is about sharing. On IG I found the most supporting “family” I could ever imagine. I do not have close friends that practice yoga but I found a group of amazing and talented people on IG. Some of my closest friends mock me for my yoga account, but it’s ok, they just don’t get how helpful it can be to get tips from other yogis.

Everytime I post a picture, I get so many encouraging words from people I’ve never even met, why should they spend time to cheer on me? Well, the reason is that yoga is not about competing, yoga is about sharing.

I am 38 and I started practicing yoga 10 months ago, unfortunately I don’t have time to attend yoga classes during the week, all I can manage is to attend one class per week (if I am lucky), but that wouldn’t be enough to improve my practice, so I started practicing at home. I try to practice everytime I have some time  for myself and during the weekends.

Ayutthaya, Thailand

Ayutthaya, Thailand

I never knew yoga could be so challenging until I had the chance to meet one of the most talented Ashtanga theachers in America, Kino Macgregor, in Bologna, two weeks ago. She kicks ass, I tell you. After 5 hours spent practicing with her, I realized that a yoga teacher is essential to improve your knowledge of asanas and I also understood that I’ve got a long long way to go, my yoga journey has just begun.

Kohsamui, Thailand

Kohsamui, Thailand

When I travel  I am feeling myself, no need to dress up like I need to when I'm at work, no disguise, when I travel I am just being myself, that is the only moment where I really feel free to express myself fully. I always see poetry in things, I am amazed by many things each day, so when I get the chance to see places I have never been to, meet new people, new cultures, it’s just a blessing. And yoga just complete the perfection of those moments. The beauty of a temple, the elegance of a particular asana. It’s pure poetry to me. It’s freedom gained back.


That’s what yoga is to my eyes, it’s art and poetry and it helps you to become a better human being. It teaches you a lot.

It opens your eyes.


Allison's winning shot, a Pincha on Wrightsville Beach in Wilmington, NC

Allison's winning shot, a Pincha on Wrightsville Beach in Wilmington, NC

Allison Lloyd (@allycat_06)

I'm more than happy to share this win with the talented @yogaweirdo! I love her inspiring practice and look forward to watching where her travels take her!

I have always been an avid lover of traveling both in my own country and abroad.

My friends, family, and pretty much anyone acquainted with me knows I am a passionate person and when I love something I love it all the way. One of my friends from college even told me about this wonderful blog because she just knew I would soak it in.

A few years ago I was turned on to the practice of yoga for physical reasons, however I stayed with the practice not only because I was experiencing amazing physical benefits, but also mental and spiritual as well. Through yoga I enhanced my inner strength and this even aided me in gaining the confidence to live out my dream of living in Japan (I just moved back after over a year and a half in Asia).

Yoga to me is about love, acceptance, and more recently playtime and creativity. I mean who doesn't love posting cool pictures of yoga poses in awesome places :)

Danielle B. Stowe Garden in Charlotte, NC

Danielle B. Stowe Garden in Charlotte, NC

I have found a plethora of people who share my devotion to exploring other cultures, saking our wanderlust through exploration, and visually sharing our practice through visual means. Now I have an internship at the Wilmington Yoga Center in North Carolina where I hope to learn more about teaching, my personal practice, and the ins and outs of a Kunga Yoga School.

Like many other practitioners the more I learn about yoga the more I realize I have so much more to learn and attempt to understand. But hey, isn't that the beauty of it? It's a never ending journey within and without. If accompanies my need to travel and learn about the world perfectly because it to is a never ending wonderful ride.

I recently underwent a three week immersion teaching training course and found a deep connection within myself. But, one of the best parts of the training was delving deeper into an intelligent, diverse, and mindful yoga community with my teachers, students, and also through the social media family on Instagram and Facebook.

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Week 5 - @adam.hiner

@erica__claire flies high under the watchful eye of @adam.hiner in this amazing display of acro yoga in San Francisco!

@erica__claire flies high under the watchful eye of @adam.hiner in this amazing display of acro yoga in San Francisco!

This week's YOTW winner, Adam Hiner is an Acro  enthusiast with some amazing tricks up his sleeve! His winning photo was taken in San Francisco, California - displaying an impressive hand-to-hand with his flying partner, Erica in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.

His page is a must-see regardless of whether you practice this style of yoga  or not... The amount of control and precision that goes into these manoeuvres need to be seen to be believed!

Here's a bit about his yoga journey:

"I started practicing yoga 9 years ago just after moving to the West Coast.  I started with Steve Hubbard who teaches a Power Vinyasa style yoga.  Since then I practiced Anusara for some time and now I have been studying Ashtanga for the past 3 years.  A couple of years ago I was introduced to AcroYoga by Mara Harris here in San Diego.  I quickly became "addicted" and have been practicing AcroYoga as well as more traditional Acrobatics any chance I get.  I love the human connection, communication, trust, presence, and community that comes along with AcroYoga.  My whole life has been quite literally flipped upside down.  I plan to start teaching Acro soon but for now I am enjoying learning and growing."

Adam's take on Yoga + Travel:

"When traveling, yoga and AcroYoga are integral to my experience.  You will often see me doing handstands at the airport or in any random place you might find me.  One of my favorite handstand spots was in the middle of one of the most busy intersections in Vietnam.  Also, a true testament to the community surrounding AcroYoga is found when traveling.  I find myself doing Acro with random people all over the place and that connection seems to be enough to trust one another even though we have only just met.  If you ever see me please don't hesitate to jump on my feet, hands or shoulders!"

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Week 3 - @autumn_rae

Week 4's winner, Autumn Stellman is from Las Vegas, Nevada. Her winning photo was taken at Chichen Itza in Mexico!

Here's a little bit about her yoga journey:"I started practicing yoga in 2007. Around 2010 I hit what I like to refer back to as my 20-life-crisis where I had no idea what I wanted to do in college anymore. So I took a break and started my first Yoga Teacher Training in mixed style vinyasa flow. By the end of my training I started to feel more rooted in who I was as a person and what I wanted in life. I knew then that yoga was going to be a path I would continue to walk down my entire life. I've been teaching yoga since the end of 2010, and it's such a blessing in my life to connect with so many different people through something I love so much. I am currently working towards my 300hr "Pure Flow" certification under my mentor Elinore Cohen. 

My home practice varies on what I have time for; sometimes it's just a matter of practicing mindfulness through out the day, other days I get to add in asana practice and meditation. 

When I get to vacation or travel my heart fills up with freedom and joy. Traveling is a great excuse to unplug from your daily distractions and get back to the stuff that's really important. Anytime I'm traveling I always make time to practice. Whether it's just a few surya namaskaras or an entire practice. 

I recommend learning surya namaskaras for any practitioner that's on the go. It gets the body moving, and it's the perfect balance of building strength and flexibility; once you memorize a few it's all you really need to feel good for an on the go practice!

I also sit for a few minutes after to close out and embrace wherever I am fully. This is when the moments of complete bliss fill my heart up... and I realize this is life and it is perfect. 

I also returned back to school and am currently working on my degree in biological science. As well as in the process of building a donation based class series that will go to help preserve national parks and wildlife conservation. 💚"


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Week 2 - @streetheartyoga


Winner of week 2 YOTW comp, @streetartyoga shared one very cool photo of her busting out Ekapadakoudinyasana on a SKATEBOARD. Yep, you heard right: as if that arm balance wasn't difficult enough.. Add wheels and you've got one impressive asana!!

25 year old Lisa is from Berlin and is currently doing an apprenticeship to become an occupational therapist 👌 Here's a bit of a background on her yoga journey:

"I started yoga in 2009 at Jivamukti in Berlin. I really didn't know what consequences this would have! My life has pretty much changed since that, but in all good kind of ways.

My plan is to do streetyoga, yoga with people who are usually not able to afford a yoga class or are living on the streets... To connect and share peaceful moments together and give the opportunity for support and just...ja, be there."

Lisa plans to start teacher training next year to fulfil her dream to help bring the love of yoga to the streets of Germany. What a beautiful aspiration; keep your eyes on this girl - she's going places! 🙏✨❤️

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