Lalique Gangcuangco

Name: Lalique Gangcuangco

Instagram: @Laliquekae

Where do you live? Los Angeles, CA

How often do you travel? 3-5 trips a year and monthly visits to San Diego

Where do you go?

A bit of both! Mostly domestic to explore my own backyard, but international is the goal!

How do you maintain your practice while travelling?

I LOVE experiencing and bringing my daily lifestyle to new places, so I enjoy taking classes everywhere I go and practicing at the airport, on the road, or in the hotel room! Yoga is different for everyone—every teacher, every student, every class—and something about the uniqueness of each different place, teacher and community brings me a sense of refreshing renewal in my body, mind and spirit. It brings me an addicting thrill and takes me off autopilot!

Give us one weird/funny fact about you!

If I want to / am tired, I can fall asleep within 1 minute, anywhere at anytime

What's your fave "foreign" food & why?

Do enchiladas count? Of course they do :) Mexican food for all the self-explanatory reasons!

Tell us about your last trip

My last trip was an adventurous and almost spontaneous road trip to Joshua Tree National Park and Big Bear Mountain just last month (Dec 2014)! It was a special birthday/Christmas gift from my boyfriend who's my number one travel and adventure buddy!

We arrived in Joshua Tree late at night on December 26th. The both had never been to Joshua Tree, so we weren't sure of what to expect other than what we saw online and through our AirBnb reservation. But that's the whole point of adventure, right?!

When we arrived, it was pitch black outside—at 7PM—with the stars being the only thing illuminating the sky, and we were greeted by our host's sweet dog while they were out at dinner. When our hosts returned, we found our gorgeous Temple Room and settled right in! The house was mindfully decorated with chakra pieces, works of art gifted by prior guests, and other psychedelic decor—from the guest bedrooms to the restroom to the community lounge. The following day was spent at The Integratron at an amazing, uplifting sound bath. It was literally magical! Of course, I took my time to continue my traveling yogi project #AsanasAbroad EVERYWHERE! The next morning, we were off to Big Bear Mountain in hopes to see snow!

I had not been to Big Bear in over 10 years, so it was definitely a sweet treat—like having a cone of your favorite ice cream on the coolest day you've felt in ages. My sneaky boyfriend surprised me with a stay at an amazing, themed cottage at the Castle Wood Cottages dubbed "King Arthur"! You can only imagine what it looked like. It was decorated with medieval armor and swords, wood, cool grey bricks, and vines, and castle doors! Absolutely stunning! During our 2 night, 2 day stay, we explored in the settled snow and engaged in yoga shenanigans aka #AsanasAbroad! This was our first, but definitely not our last road trip!

Give us your #1 yoga-related item in your suitcase

The Satya necklace my boyfriend gave me when I finished YTT

What destinations are on your 'Travel Bucket List'?

Australia, the Philippines, Costa Rica, Canada (Churchill Manatoba), Thailand

FIll us in on your 'yoga journey'

My yoga journey began in 2009 when I was a senior in high school, but I've been practicing more consistently throughout the past 2 years. During this time, my passion for yoga has grown so much stronger since I've become a nurse. In all honesty, curiosity, suppressed stress, and a personal need for change set me on my path to yoga back in 2009.

My yoga experience has been a continuous introspective journey. I've learned so much about myself and developed a more free-spirited approach to daily trials and tribulations. People who I've met along the way, especially through yoga, won't believe me when I say that I used to be a very controlled and need-to-be-in-control type of person—what I now know is part of the Type A Pitta side of me. 

With all the physical, mental, and spiritual changes I've experienced and seen in others through yoga, I feel compelled to spread that beautiful Light. I want to help improve the quality of life of everyone I encounter. I aspire to promote worldwide wellness—to relieve people of stress and anxiety, to ease their fears, to improve their physical and mental strength, to repair their confidence, to instill gratitude and happiness, to help them balance their ego, to quiet their minds, to heightened their awareness. I aim to cultivate this positivity, strength, and peace of mind in the communities I serve and visit.

Anything else?

Follow my wanderlusting yoga journey hashtag #AsanasAbroad on Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter :)

Stay tuned for MUCH more from this intrepid gal + future collaborations with her #AsanasAbroad hashtag! Oh, and make sure to follow her on Instagram as Lalique is one of our fabulous hosts for Feb yoga challenge: #keepcalmandtravelOM