Believing in The Universe isn't just for the spiritual...

I read an article recently on 'trusting the Universe' - something I, and probably you (yes, you), do every single day. 

It got me thinking about how and why we should perform this small, (yet often extremely difficult) act of surrender AND how we can do it 'properly.'

So yep, you heard me; I trust 'The Universe' .. And I think, at least in theory, you do too.

Call it what you want - spirituality, optimism, positive thought [Even 'hippy bullshit' if you're feeling particularly closed-minded today] - what you're actually doing is realising that you simply can't control EVERYTHING... 

every job promotion, every loan approval, every school acceptance... 

Sometimes, you just need to be ok with NOT knowing what's going to happen; be confident that you've done the best you can to facilitate your desired outcome, and just LEAVE IT.

Stop picking at it

Stop worrying 

And stop stressing everyone else out too. 

[It's annoying! Believe me, no one likes hearing about your insane lack of confidence, they've got their own shit to worry about.]

By doing these things, you're projecting - and wasting - [negative] energy (again, call this what you want; pessimism, doubt, lack of confidence) by complaining and/or voicing your concerns about something that you CANNOT CONTROL.

It's in the 'hands of the Universe' now - the 'All Knowing' [or I guess in your case, the 'Un Knowing'] and that's OK, because like I said, you can't control it any more.

It's out there, and like tossing something down a hill, it's going to keep rolling in whatever direction it wants until it reaches the bottom.

It's my opinion that by constantly voicing your concerns, worries and worst case scenarios, you're not only putting your energy into the wrong 'thing' entirely, but your also manifesting these shitty outcomes.

Manifest: clear or obvious to the eye or mind. (Oxford Dictionary)

Do you really know you're going to fail that test? Are you sure that guy you met over the weekend isn't going to call you? You're positive you're not going to make that wave you're paddling for?

Then why the fuck did you even bother in the first place?

Why even take the test, why give that guy your number if he's uninterested, why the hell are you going for that wave?

Because at one point you did trust yourself. 

You took those first monumental steps towards your goal and what are you doing now? You're throwing it all away. 

You're totally contradicting yourself.

You're wasting your (and possibly others') time.

Stop it. Just stop right now.

If you believe you can achieve something and have decided to give whatever it is a shot, you need to do a quick mental checklist:

  1. o I really want this?
  2. Is it attainable?
  3. Am I willing to put in the necessary effort?

Three ridiculously simple questions. 




If you can confirm these three things with yourself beforehand, what the heck is stopping you, right???

Ok fine, I guess it's not THAT simple..

We're all human. We worry. We doubt ourselves even when we're pretty sure we've got something in the bag because hey, we hate being disappointed.

And you know what we LOVE? Being surprised. Being excited. Being thrilled about an unexpected win. It's like winning the lottery (but, like, not winning the lottery because you haven't...)

I guess if you tell yourself you're not going to achieve something and then BOOM you actually do, it's pretty fricken' awesome. In fact, it feels amazing and I know we can all attest to that.

But I mean, come on.

Is it really worth constantly tearing your self-confidence down to bare threads for however long just for that short moment of heightened satisfaction in the end?


The answer is no.

Not maybe, not kinda, just no.

If this is how most of you felt at the beginning of reading this then cool;

You're one of a very high number of people who do this to themselves (myself included, still, at times).

The good news is, you can try to reverse this [reverse] way of thinking!

Start Small

Next time you make a decision, just an everyday run-of-the-mill choice like, let's say buying a coffee in the morning: Trust yourself. 

You're buying a coffee this morning? Here's what I want you to do:

  1. Don't worry about how long it's gonna take (esp if you're in a rush, because that coffee will not get made in time for you to run for the bus, or whatever)
  2. Don't wonder if the shot's going to be bitter 
  3. Don't assume the milk will be burned... 

Why would you even purchase the bloody thing if you thought all of that stuff was going to go wrong? 

Here's your answer (and I'm just repeating myself now..)


There. There's a simple way to turn your thinking around tomorrow morning.

Buy that coffee and TRUST it's going to be the best damn coffee you've ever bought.

And you know what, if it tastes shit, it wasn't your fault was it?

Did you make it?


No you didn't.

So stop worrying because that won't make it come out better 

(and yes I get the obvious response here from a lot of people would be that your positive/negative thoughts won't 'affect' how the coffee's made because you can't control it...  And if you're thinking this then please f*** off, because you're missing the whole point of this)

So, do you get it now?

You probably got it before, in fact I know you got it before. The only thing stopping you is, I suppose it's easier said than done. 

Hopefully reading this has opened your eyes a little and made you realise that your mind is a powerful thing and you ARE capable of so much. 

You have potential. 

Trust yourself, your decisions, your beliefs because


what's stopping you???






 I'm certainly not finished with this topic!

Stay tuned for more about how I leave things to fate, and how I feel better because of it!

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