Love Yoga? Love Travel? Love US???

If you answered yes, yes and YES to the above, we want YOU to represent CN as a travelling ambassador!

In Sanskrit, the word 'Yoga' literally means 'union'

We'd like to unite lovers of Yoga+Travel across the globe by spreading our love of, well, you already know... ;-)

Represent CN while you 'circOMnavigate' the world and share with us your tips, tricks and stories from the road! Each ambassador will write Travel Journal-style entries on the blog, which we will be posted on your behalf whenever you send us anything (whether that be a photo, story, or actual journal entry describing your day/week/month/year!).

Wear our logo whenever/wherever you want - even send us postcards and photos.. the world is your yoga mat - let it be so... practice outdoors, in far away studios, in temples... Anywhere you feel the need to plug in and recharge and when you do, tell us about it!

Only travel once a year?

That's OK!! Email across your trip info and we'd still love to create a Travel Journal for you to share your story!

A gift for you!

Everyone loves a little incentive.... If you're accepted, we'll send you a FREE CN tank top to wear while you're checking out local classes, trekking through the jungle, or just lounging around the hotel pool... These will be printed and available from mid-late December!

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Get snap happy

A couple cheeky photos of you striking a pose wouldn't go astray... In fact, we encourage it! Use the hashtags #CoNambassador + #circomnavigation whenever you post :) Even if you don't have Instagram or Facebook, you can send your snaps to us to share on our pages & of course, the Blog.

A bit of friendly competition...

In early 2015 - once we've built up a tribe & a great gallery of photos from your travels - we'll start cooking up some competitions, like prizes for 'most countries visited' or 'most photos taken' ... We'll post updates through the coming months - Ideas welcome!

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*all photos on this page (except for one @ top) sourced from Pinterest

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